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My mom was always a feminist. She worked her way through college when women didn't often go to college. She raised 5 daughters and never bought a Barbie (on principle).

I don't think I fully appreciated her steadfast feminist beliefs until I was an adult, with years of experiences in being dismissed, ignored, harassed, unheard and minimized. I turned a feminist corner when I participated in the Women's March on Washington. I didn't know what to do with my accumulated angst, unrest and just plain anger that women are still not given equal opportunities, are constantly marginalized and ignored. All the years we've fought and have made fractional progress. 

I started Wearable Women because I want women to be able to wear their beliefs. Women have so many strong, impactful and important things to say.  So I am offering a line of t-shirt to start, featuring sayings, hashtags, quotes and musings that highlight strong, smart and amazing women. Wearable Women have wise things to say. Wear your beliefs!


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